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  Kalyan Mandir Trust  
  Kalyan Mandir Trust Our organization is committed to realize its social welfare mission, vision and goals.


To make all efforts to create harmony amongst stream of different religions and sects of Indian Hindu Cultures, and to work for smooth exchange of traditions with unity and to create a platform for exchange of Art & cultural traditions of different countries of the world, are the main objective of the Trust. Jain Dharma has special offering in Indian culture. Jain Dharma is the complete science, and to work to spread its ideals, aims, visions to all over the world and to work to create all channels and instruments for its implementations as well as to spread the two basic thoughts of Truth and Non-violence.
United Society, United Empowerment
  Quick Enquiry:   Objectives:  
- For the upbringing of Society, do all works for education, Animal husbandry and villages’ development activities.
- To look after Senior Citizens and to utilize their intellectual capacity and to work for arranging activities in their retired life.
- Arrange all activities for women’s development and self-respect earning for needy women of society.
- Education for all children of the society
- To spread information and support research in the area of agricultural development including animal husbandry, Plantation, nursery development
  and work for spreading them. Production, Sales, Education and widespread development and create employment through them.
- To protect and support the Indian fundamental cultural heirs.
- To work for creating production, sales, education in the area of Khadi Gramodhyog and cottage industry to create employments.
more details can be seen on www.kalyanmandir.org
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